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Welcome to the premier experience of all-weather direct-sun tolerant video displays, touch screen monitors and 4K UHD outdoor TV by SunBriteDS - the leader in outdoor television. Designed for permanent placement outdoors, and capable of enduring harsh climate conditions, SunBriteDS - outdoor displays, all-weather 4K video screens and outdoor signage solutions - provide an optimum viewing experience for any outside commercial venue. SunBriteDS encourages customer engagement, wayfinding and interactive capabilities at beach-side resort & hospitality settings, pro sports stadiums, airports and - now - offers all-weather menu boards for QSR quick-serve restaurants. SunBriteDS weatherproof features include direct-sun tolerant, bright screens, anti-reflective glass, multi-fan airflow systems, along with a best-in-class rugged exterior engineered for demanding commercial-grade applications.

   CEPro Best Technology award at CEDIA 2016 for SunBriteTV new 4K UHD 65" Signature Series outdoor TV.

   InfoComm 2016 Commercial Integrator's Best Products of 2016 award winner, the 84" 4K UHD (SB-8418UHD).

   AV Technology awards the 84" 4K UHD (SB-8418UHD) InfoComm 2016 Best of Digital Signage and Best of Show.

   AV Technology's InfoComm 2015 Best of Show Winner - 42" SB-4217HD.  "So many sizes available! Just provide power to the unit, and the TV will power all auxiliary devices."

PCMAG.com recognizes the 42" SB-4217HD as an Editors' Choice.

See our SunBriteDS brochure [PDF] of outdoor signage & HDTV products and features.

NEW Outdoor 4K UHD


Premium 4K UHD all-weather screen with direct LED backlight delivers breathtaking, dramatic picture detail with 4 times the resolution of full HD. New Veranda Series 4K UHD Outdoor TV for permanent installation in full-shade environments – and new Signature Series 4K UHD for partial-sun applications.

2500 NIT

2500 NIT

NEW Ultra-Bright 2500 NIT, high-heat tolerant, 1080p LED-LCD screen for improved outdoor viewing. Featuring our Marquee Series DS-5525L and DS-5525P. The 2500 NIT screen offers brightest and best quality display under direct-sunlight. Contact us today to order!

EST Technology

Enhanced Solar Tolerance

SunBriteTV developed EST technology to meet a need in the market for outdoor televisions installed under direct sunlight for extended periods of time. SunBriteDS Marquee and Pro Series outdoor digital signage & touch screens are designed to force a fresh air flow over the surface of the LED-LCD screen to carry away solar energy and prevent the heat buildup. The LED-LCD panels we use are constructed with a special high temperature liquid, which is designed to withstand heat buildup of temperatures up to 230°F (110°C) before exhibiting any form of isotropic behavior (screen "black out" or "dark spots"). With the forced air flow of our EST technology, it is rare that the panel will ever reach the temperature range between nematic, (where liquid crystal can be used as an active viewable display) and isotropic, (where liquid crystal stops working and the display turns black); making this an ideal product for direct sun installations.

TNi Panels

High Bright, High Temp 110 TNi Panels

SunBriteDS Marquee & Pro Series monitors incorporate high brightness LED-LCD panels offering improved image quality in direct sun exposure without going isotropic. Most LCD panels, when the sun shines directly on the panel for an extended period of time, will exhibit isotropic behavior where the image becomes dark and eventually fades away. When the sun exposure is removed, the image returns and there is no damage to the panel. The SunBriteDS Marquee & Pro Series have been designed to eliminate this behavior, making these units a top choice for digital signage applications in direct sun.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Tempered Glass Window

SunBriteDS Pro & Marquee Series models include an anti-reflective tempered glass window to protect the LED-LCD screen from weather and vandals. It provides contrast enhancement for an improved outdoor viewing experience. An innovative mounting scheme allows the front frame holding the glass to be easily removed and reinstalled in so that both sides of the glass can be cleaned.

Salt Fog Tested

Salt Fog Tested

Placed in a salt-fog chamber to simulate 3 years of use under higher-heat, humid, salt-weather conditions, SunBriteDS successfully passes testing performed by the National Technical Systems (NTS). P Full Report

QSR Solutions Now Available

Affordable QSR Signage

All-weather, commercial-grade displays & menu boards designed for drive-through quick serve restaurants. Outdoor, durable P QSR

Project Registration

Project Request Form

By submitting this Project Registration Request Form (and supporting documents detailing your project specification), you are stating that your company has originated the customer project and system design for which you wish to receive special bid pricing. P Project Registration Form



"We’ve been searching for an outdoor digital signage solution for our customers for almost two years now. SunBriteDS outdoor displays perfectly match the high quality product we’ve been holding out for." - Dennis de Man, Chief Operating Officer, The Trade Company.

"We chose SunBriteDS because the displays were not only an aesthetic fit but because the weatherproofing technology guaranteed high performance in every climate." - Rusty Wagner, SVP, Reflect Systems. P Cedar Fair project

"We do a lot of events throughout the building that incorporate technology and the SunBriteDS - outdoor digital signage - displays have been an absolute breeze to use in the creative sense, especially considering how well they integrated with our existing digital signage system." ‐ James King, Senior Booth Manager for TIFF Bell LightBox, Toronto International Film Festival

"SunBriteDS outdoor displays are eye-catching and they distinguish us from the competition. They've been really positive for our brand." ‐ Sheena Jacobs, Training & Music Designer at Yard House Restaurants

Case Studies

Outdoor Digital Signage Success

SunBriteDS Outdoor Displays Enhancing the In-Game Experience for Wisconsin Badgers Fans P Case Study

SunBriteDS outdoor signage and HDTV at Comic-Con 2015, San Diego, CA. P Case Study

Reflect Systems deploys 350+ SunBriteDS outdoor displays across 11 Cedar Fair parks ... successful all-weather customer engagement. P Case Study

Toronto Zoo stays "green" with Marquee Series digital signage. P Case Study

CSA Rated

CSA Rated

Canadian Standards Association approved. CSA International certification indicates that a product, process or service has been tested to a Canadian or U.S. standard and meets the requirements of an applicable CSA standard or another recognized document used as a basis for certification. For consumers, CSA International certification marks are intended to provide increased assurance of quality and safety. For manufacturers, international recognition of the mark may help to ease their entry into North American markets.

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